Grandaddy have a new video for "Brush With the Wild" off this year's very good comeback album Last Place. Directed by Aaron Beckum, the darkly comic video stars current MST3K host Jonah Ray as a guy still suffering from a hard breakup, who becomes friends with an office chair. Ray's real life wife, Deanna Rooney, plays his ex in the video, making things all the more bittersweet. You can watch that, via NPR, below.

Frontman Jason Lytle also spoke with NPR about the tragic and sudden death of Grandaddy bassist Kevin Garcia who suffered a fatal stroke in May. The band is indefinitely on hold:

It was pretty obvious we were going to cancel everything that was scheduled for the immediate future. We had three sets of tours on the horizon. I sat down with [drummer] Aaron [Burtch] and [keyboardist] Tim [Dryden] and we had a real sober conversation. And what I was attempting to do was, 'We may think we're capable of doing this, but I really want you to try to imagine what it's going to be like rehearsing and, even if we get to that point, playing these shows without [Kevin]. I just want you to try to imagine that. Don't think about money. Don't think about the fact that we're obligated to go through with these shows.' And when it was all said and done we were just like, 'No, we're just going to shut it all down.' I just wanted to deal with a good friend who'd passed away. There's the Grandaddy thing and obligations and I thought, 'No, no, no. I don't want that anywhere near it.' So it made the most sense to shut it down and see what time does.

There's more to that interview and you can read it over at NPR.


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