Holiday songs are not everyone's cup of tea, but give it up for indie rock vets Grandaddy for coming up with one that has a title that might make the Grinch want to listen. “It Was A Silent Night At Least Until Jeff Lynne Arrived” takes classic hymn "Silent Night" and rewrites it to be about ELO and Travelling Wilburys svengali Jeff Lynne, who shows up at someone else's house as Santa. Adding a whole bunch of synthesizers, Jason Lytle turns it into A Very Grandaddy Christmas.

"Santa Claus gave me some pretty cool gifts as a kid," Lyttle says. "But I have to say Jeff Lynne has given me about a million or so more. Here is my little light hearted holiday combo-homage to the two of them."

Last year, Jason Lytle rerecorded Grandaddy's The Sophtware Slump as gorgeous solo piano album and you can pick that up in the BV shop.

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