Grandaddy have shared a brand new song, "That Ring," but are only making it available for today. Stereogum points out that main man Jason Lytle was touched by a Twitter project that ranked all of his songs and decided to share this new one. “I have this Grandaddy song I’ve been working on with the intent of releasing it in March,” Lytle wrote. “For reasons I won’t go into I’ve decided not to release it now. BUT!!!! As a ‘thank you’ to all the participants in this ‘list thing,’ I’m going to post the song tonite 8PM Los Angeles Time and leave it up for an unspecified amount of time. (No more than 24 hrs) then remove… indefinitely.”

"That Ring" is a very Grandaddy sounding song, with fuzzy guitars chugging alongside a rollercoaster of swooping synths. My manager is going to be pissed, the song is only 85% done (currently mixing the drums) I just decided to do this an hour ago… and hope it’s not a dumb idea… but screw it! It’s all I can think of to say thanks.”

You can stream or download (name your price) "That Ring" via Grandaddy's Bandcamp. Grandaddy recently reissued The Sophtware Slump as a box set, including a new version of the album recorded on a wooden piano.


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