Update: Video is out now; watch below.

The Grateful Dead's weekly Shakedown Stream series continued Friday, May 22 with an especially classic show: the 4/21/72 show from Bremen, West Germany television studio Beat Club, which was recorded for a TV broadcast during the storied 1972 Europe tour that led to the band's classic live album Europe '72. The Dead officially released the audio from this show on the Europe '72: The Complete Recordings box set in 2011 and they screened it in theaters for the 2014 edition of Meet-Up at the Movies, but this will be the first time that the show is available to watch for free online. (Though you can donate to the Rex Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund on YouTube.)

The Beat Club concert video comes with a pre-show featuring hosts David Lemieux and Gary Lambert speaking to Sam Cutler, who managed the Dead on their Europe '72 tour. He also organized the 1970 Festival Express tour (immortalized in a great 2003 documentary) and the Summer Jam at Watkins Glen festival with the Allman Brothers and The Band; and he was also famously a manager for The Rolling Stones (among other bands), including during their 1969 US tour which resulted in the Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! live album (on which Cutler introduces the band) and which included the infamous Altamont concert, which was documented in the classic Gimme Shelter film (which Cutler appears in). You may also remember that Sam Cutler had some memorable appearances in Martin Scorcese's great 2017 Grateful Dead documentary Long Strange Trip.

For (much) more Dead, over 14,000 (and counting) free live concert recordings are streaming online. They've also got a new Vinyl Me, Please box set, which features essays by modern musicians in the liner notes (you can read John Darnielle's and hear the audio book, as well as Jim James' and Dave Longstreth's). There's also a Workingman's Dead 50th anniversary reissue on the way with remastered, previously unreleased recordings of their 2/21/1971 show at Port Chester, NY's Capitol Theater. Stream "Casey Jones" from the live portion here.

The Beat Club show isn't the first classic, '70s-era Dead show to be released in the Shakedown Stream series. The Grateful Dead Movie is also available to watch for free online right here (again, with an option to donate to COVID-19 relief).

Watch the Beat Club show and the Sam Cutler pre-show right here:

You can also stream the audio of the Beat Club show from Europe '72: The Complete Recordings via Spotify:

Grateful Dead @ Beat Club - 4/21/1972 Setlist
Playing in the Band
Mr. Charlie
One More Saturday Night
Playing in the Band
Beat It On Down the Line
The Other One