With the coronavirus pandemic keeping many of us home a lot more, we've been asking artists to make us playlists of the music they've been listening to in isolation, and this one comes from Alex Menne, singer of Great Grandpa, who released one of our favorite albums of 2019. Al says:

I've always had tendencies to shut myself in away from friends and the outside world. Without the option to choose my interactions I’m starting to rethink the way I operate, I am realizing just how much I’ve taken for granted. The joy I find in human interaction is different now..I’ve been finding myself luminous just from waving to a neighbor I never knew I had or sharing a nod with a stranger from our respective cars in the grocery parking lot. One of the main ways I used to connect with people is through music.. usually playing it or enjoying it live but for now I’m getting my small doses of serotonin from sharing songs I love with friends and family. I made this playlist with “comfort” in mind. My idea of comfort may differ from others but none the less these are a lot of songs of friendship or songs to commiserate with. What better way to gain comfort than connecting with a stranger through a shared feeling? Thank you for listening, stay well, wear your masks & stay home.

Al's playlist includes songs by Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy, Derek Ted, 2nd Grade, SASAMI, Emily Yacina, Field Medic (who recently collaborated with Al on a new song), and more. Listen to the playlist here: