Greek musician Σtella (pronounced "Stella," if you weren't sure) has announced her first album for Sub Pop, titled Up and Away, which will be out June 17. She made it with London-based producer Redinho of Swet Shop Boys, and dug through her parents' record collections for inspiration.

“Growing up I loved playing ‘Sousourada’ by Nikos Gounaris on my grandfather’s old gramophone," Σtella says. "I was thrilled by Greek folk-pop artists like Grigoris Bithikotsis and the great Tzeni Vanou, as well as international artists like Tony Mottola and Julio Iglesias,” among other sounds, she remembers. “Living in a close-knit community by the mountains and sea, I vaguely recall being woken by neighbouring shepherds’ sheep bells...everything back then was so pure and innocent!”

The first single from Up and Away is the joyous, effervescent title track. “For me, the expression 'up and away' symbolizes freedom, a liberation – our need to break free and fly far away, like superheroes do," says Σtella. The song comes with animated video that Σtella says "tells the inspiring true story of how two rebetiko musicians escaped from gunfire during Greece’s occupation by the Axis Powers in the 1940s.”

Watch the video and check out Up and Away's tracklist and cover art below.

attachment-up and away stella

Σtella - Up and Away:
1. Up and Away
2. Nomad
3. Manéros
4. Charmed
5. Another Nation
6. Black and White
7. Titanic
8. The Truth Is
9. Who Cares
10. Is It Over

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