If you're headed to the polls in Oakland, CA today, keep an eye out for a free cup of coffee, courtesy of Green Day. The band is working with World Central Kitchen to give out up to 10,000 cups of coffee, from their Oakland Coffee brand, to polling stations in their home city.

"We need to look out for and support each other out there," bassist and Oakland Coffee co-founder Mike Dirnt said. "You know how important your vote is. We want to make it a little easier for everyone, so we’re donating up to 10,000 cups of coffee to voters in line at the Oakland polls. World Central Kitchen is making the voting experience much nicer, which is really important these days."

Billie Joe Armstrong, who recently made a voting playlist, backs Biden, writing in a September Instagram post, "American cannot afford another 4 years of Trump in office. Our democracy is at stake. Our earth is at stake. We need health care for all. We need justice. We need peace. We need police reform. If you are 18 and over PLEASE register to vote!! This is urgent. This is a national emergency."

Meanwhile, Green Day recently released tons of Insomniac-era stuff in honor of the album's 25th anniversary.