NYC has already lost too many venues, bars, restaurants, and other businesses as they struggle to weather extended reductions in capacity and closures amid coronavirus. Here's another: as Bowery Boogie reports, long-running Greenwich Village vegan restaurant Sacred Chow is closing its doors after 25 years. "So many of you have been such a big beautiful part of SC's history, both on Hudson Street & Sullivan," the restaurant wrote on Instagram. "Thank you so much."

Before closing entirely on September 14, they'll be holding an "Au Revoir Garage Sale" on Thursday (9/10), Saturday (9/12) and Sunday (9/13). "There's lots of free & near-free stuff," they write; "there'll be packaged ingredients, fresh, frozen, & bulk, SC keepsakes, lots of kitchen stuff, loads of free extension & Ethernet cords, everything but the floor. To all my fellow covid-strapped vegan chefs & owners, come take a look, everything is at near-nothing or free, tons of stainless steel shelving, tables, restaurant-kitchen supplies & equipment, big & small, all vegan clean! There's lots to grab. We'll have some fav SC goodies & sangria waiting for you. It'll be fun."

We're sorry to see you go, Sacred Chow; you'll be missed.

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