Greg Anderson of Sunn O))), Engine Kid, Goatsnake, and Southern Lord Recordings has a new project for "explorative compositions and collaborations" called The Lord, and the first song is "Needle Cast," which features guest lead vocals by Robin Wattie of BIG|BRAVE. Greg says, "I’m extremely honored to have been able to collaborate with Robin Wattie on this track. I’m a massive fan of BIG|BRAVE, especially Robin's emotive vocals and infectious melodies. Immediately after composing this track I was envisioning her dynamic vocals within the piece. The performance she recorded went beyond what I had imagined. Robin also created the amazing artwork that accompanies the music."

Those emotive vocals and infectious melodies that Greg speaks of come through loud and clear on this track, and they pair well with Greg's instrumental backdrop. Listen below and download it at Bandcamp. All proceeds will go to The Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal, and today is a Bandcamp Friday (meaning Bandcamp waives its cut of sales), so today would be a good day to pick it up.

Upcoming The Lord releases will include a score for the forthcoming horror anthology film V/H/S/94, collaborations with Petra Haden, and more.

Meanwhile, 2021 has been a busy year for BIG|BRAVE too. They recently released their new album Vital and they have a collaborative album with The Body due in September.

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