Gridfailure (aka noise/audiovisual artist David Brenner) and veteran trumpet player Mac Gollehon (who's played on records by David Bowie, Duran Duran, Chic, Blondie, and more) are releasing a collaborative album, Dismemberment Cabaret, on May 21 via Nefarious Industries (pre-order). We're premiering the track "Crime Scene Designers," along with its video, and both the song and video are creepy, psychedelic, sensory overloads.

"On this track my intent was to introduce, seduce, then provoke an avalanche of winds and brass in disconfigurations of serial composition paring with serial clustered disorder," Mac says. "Tonal paralipsis of warface demons relentlessly designing crime scenes for now and all other times."

David adds, "Having thoroughly examined the scene of the slaughter, we were quite disappointed with the sub-par wetwork on display. Our services have provided an array of upgrades to the massacre, etching our motto into the vocal tumult: ‘More flair, more gore. Cover the entire floor. When you think you’ve overdone it, do it two times more.’"

Check it out below...

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