by Black Bubblegum


Some days you just have to get down on your knees and thank the dark lord below for blessing (damning?) you with shows like the one tonight, August 14 - the first night of a six day tour by GridLink, Hayaino Daisuki, and ASRA. The show is at The Wreck Room in Bushwick in Brooklyn. All dates (including a Jersey City show) below.

Adding to the mayhem, venerable powerviolence-ers Weekend Nachos (best name ever? especially in context) will headline the show, with The Communion also on hand for the festivities.

So if Weekend f'n Nachos are headlining (reason enough to risk life & limb), why would we highlight GridLink & Hayaino Daisuki? For two reasons.... first, because both GridLink & Hayaino Daisuki's new albums (Amber Grey and Headbanger's Karaoke Club Dangerous Fire respectively) slay, and second, because they both feature the honorable Jon Chang, formerly of the legendary Discordance Axis. Hayaino Daisuki is a full-on thrash-grind-stravaganza (think Slayer on fast-foward), while GridLink takes the "screw thrash, lets bludgeon" approach to grind. Check out tracks from both GridLink and Hayaino Daisuki's new albums above!

Black Box's own ASRA are also on the tour and they've been (un)kind enough to drop a "Payload" of their own for download above. They're also currently streaming a few other tracks at their myspace.


Aug 14 The Wreck Room Brooklyn, New York
Aug 15 The Talking Head Baltimore, Maryland
Aug 16 The Khyber Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 17 The basement of a nail salon, 469 Central Ave, Jersey City, NJ
Aug 18 AS220 Providence, Rhode Island
Aug 19 Church of Boston Boston, Massachusetts

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