Grimes played her
second Barclays show
opening for Florence + The Machine on Wednesday night, but her set ended abrubtly two-thirds the way through her set during "World Princess II" and she walked off stage:

In introducing "World Princess II," Grimes told the crowd "We just had a really disturbing thing happen to us today, so sorry if my voice is shaking, it's been kind of a fucked day... trying to keep it together." Video of that is below. Grimes did not return after that abrupt stage departure, house lights came up and that was the end of her set.

UPDATE 7:30pm, day after show: Grimes tweeted:

We reached out to 4AD who only said "Unfortunately, we are unable to give a comment right now." Twitterer @GrimezszDaily tweeted this:

Grimes we hope you're ok. 

Read more about the more successful first night here, and a couple more Instagrams and videos from Wednesday night's Barclays show, below.

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