Chaotic grinders The Wind in the Trees (ex-The Heads are Zeros, Whenskiesaregray) recently released a split with likeminded band Thin, and now they're gearing up for their own new full-length album, their first since their 2019 debut LP A Gift of Bricks from the Sky. It's called Architects of Light, and it's due July 15 via Twelve Gauge Records (pre-orders launch 6/1 at noon). It was engineered and mixed by Kevin Bernsten (Praise, Pianos Become the Teeth, etc), and it offers up 14 tracks, including the 72-second lead single "Parasitic Dawn," which premieres in this post. It hits like a jackhammer to the skull and never lets up once, with all kinds of discordance and noise worked into the song's shapeshifting attack. Give it a listen below.

Talking about the new record, guitarist Dave Gill says, "This record was really different for us because we didn’t nail down every little thing before we went into the studio. I’m normally super stressed about getting every part exactly right before we start recording but we left a lot of the songs more open ended to see what would work once we started tracking. Some of my favorite songs on the record were heavily shaped by chance ideas we had in the studio or our producer Kevin Bernsten pulling out something like an old broken tape echo for the one part where you get to breathe for a moment before the walls cave in."

Vocalist Brandon Winter says, "For me, the difference from the first record is the amount of time I had to pen the words. I had ample space to build something conceptually, to create a narrative that would amplify the intensity of what Dave was writing. After the concept was thought up I think it really helped mold what we pushed for in the final product, lyrically and musically and artistically."

Dave adds, "On A Gift of Bricks from the Sky we just dumped an entire record in Brandon's lap and he had to write lyrics all at once without being in the room for the writing. This time we were talking about album concepts the whole time and Brandon’s alien apocalypse idea brought everything together and became the framework for the whole record that sent us off in a different writing direction for some really bleak sounding parts."

Here's the new track:


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