GRLwood, a Louisville-based, self-proclaimed "scream-pop" two-piece who mixed grunge, queercore, feminist punk, and more, had been on the rise since releasing their 2019 sophomore album I Sold My Soul To The Devil When I Was 12, but drummer Karen Ledford has now left the band after accusing singer/guitarist Rej Forester of rape.

"Shortly after me and my bandmate met, I was raped by them," Karen wrote. "I felt so much fucking pain and shame but I decided to disregard my feelings, betray my heart, and stay because I decided that being in a successful band was more important than respecting myself."

Rej publicly responded in a statement on the GRLwood Instagram, in which Rej gives their own account of the story and appears to deny Karen's claims. Karen responded, calling Rej's statement an "absolute lie."

You can see all three statements below.