Grouper (aka Liz Harris) will release a new album, Shade, on October 22 via Kranky. It's Liz's first Grouper album since 2018's Grid of Points and it also follows her 2019 album as Nivhek. The music was recorded at various points over the past 15 years, and she hasn't revealed when Shade's lead single "Unclean mind" was recorded, but it finds Grouper working in the folky acoustic guitar-based style of 2008's classic Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill. It's a gorgeous song, as you can hear for yourself below.

1. Followed the ocean
2. Unclean mind
3. Ode to the blue
4. Pale Interior
5. Disordered Minds
6. The way her hair falls
7. Promise
8. Basement Mix
9. Kelso (Blue sky)