Nothing slows down Robert Pollard. Guided by Voices have just announced their third album of 2020, Styles We Paid For, which will be out December 11 via Rockathon Records. It's the band's 31st album overall. Bob and the rest of the band recorded it remotely during quarantine from five states and it was "assembled and mixed" by producer Travis Harrison.

Bob told Rolling Stone that he'd demoed these songs in February and originally envisioned an all-analog album titled Before Computers that would be recorded mostly live, but COVID got in the way and the album ended up being a completely digital production. Despite the far-flung, stitched-together way it was made, first single "Mr. Child" is a typically anthemic, big-riff GBV-style rocker. Listen below.

GBV's other 2020 albums are Mirrored Aztec and Surrender Your Poppy Field.

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