Guided by Voices just released their great new album Earth Man Blues last week and, not wasting much time, the band's sunshine pop alter egos ("thinly-veiled alias" reads promo copy), Cub Scout Bowling Pins, have announced their debut album. (CSBP released their debut EP back in January.) It's titled Clang Clang Ho and will be out on July 2 via Rockathon Records.

First single from the album is opening track "Magic Taxi." Featuring orchestral synths and what sound like oboes and cellos, the song is rainbow-colored psych pop with lines like "Take a trip in my magic taxi, I drive a snowman to the equator." Listen to that and check out the artwork and tracklist below.

Clang Clang Ho is available to preorder now, including merch bundles that appropriately come with bowling shirts and bowling bags.

cub scout bowling pins clang clang ho

Clang Clang Ho - tracklist
01. Magic Taxi
02. Flip Flop World
03. Casino Hair Wife
04. Ride My Earthmobile
05. Schoolmaster Bones
06. Eggs, Mother?
07. Strange Walk Home
08. Nova Mona
09. The Telegraph Hill Gazette
10. Everybody Loves A Baboon
11. © 1-2-3
12. Sister Slam Dance
13. It's Marbles!
14. Space Invader
15. Human Car
16. Competitor
17. She Cannot Know
18. We
19. Roll Up Your Nose
20. What Crawls Also Flies Over

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