Gustavo Andrade, who has played in Living Days and other NYC bands, suffered a stroke on Friday, April 5 and is currently in the hospital struggling for his life. He and his wife are also expecting a child. There have been recent encouraging signs of his overall prognosis, though recovery will be long and, as he's without health care, very expensive. Friends and family have launched a GoFundMe to help out with medical bills. Here's more details of Gus' situation:

On January 8, Gus found out he's going to be a Dad! On April 5, after a long day at work, he had a massive stroke. Gus is now fighting for his life in a hospital bed. His partner, Candice is by his side and six months pregnant with their unborn daughter, who they plan to name Frankie. Gustavo is on a respirator, in and out of a coma. But yesterday he demonstrated that he could hear us, with a thumbs up and CAT scan results are looking good. He has a long road ahead, though and needs help. Making a living as a musician and filmmaker, Gus couldn't afford health insurance... so apart from having a new baby, this summer he's also going to have massive medical bills... To lend a hand, we are all sending Gus our love, our thoughts and if we can, a little money.

Help out if you can, and we're pulling for you Gus!