As always, there are things to report on in the in GWAR-universe, and given that we're around Halloween, there's even more stuff than usual going on. First off, GWAR recently launched a Kickstarter to raise money for their first-ever comic book. It definitely seems strange that there hasn't been a GWAR comic book before, but here we are. Gwar: Orgasmageddon, by writer Matt Miner and artist Johnathan Brandon Sawyer, is probably on the way. Via the Kickstarter:

Straight outta Antarctica, come along for a ride with heavy metal Gods of Gore and masters of all that lives GWAR, as they bumble their way through time, making friends, killing friends, and drowning the entire human timeline in blood, bile, and, err . . . other fluids, explaining once and for all the question on everyone's minds: "How the hell did we get here, and why is everything so damn effed up?!"

They're already about 3/4 of the way to their goal of $39,000, with 28 days remaining, and you can donate now to make this comic a reality.

Meanwhile, GWAR are currently on tour and are in town this weekend for that FREE show at House of Vans on Saturday, October 29 with Mutoid Man and Darkest Hour. RSVP is closed, but you can catch GWAR in person earlier that day  at Rough Trade  where they'll be signing copies of their book Let There Be GWAR at 2 PM.

And while they're in town they also have the honor of stopping by the Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show, hosted by Gary Dell'Abate and Jon Hein, where they'll perform two songs. The episode airs Monday (Halloween) on Howard's SiriusXM channels (100 & 101) at 11AM EST and will repeat throughout the day.

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