Former Pipettes member Gwenno Saunders has announced Tresor, her third solo album, which will be out July 1 via Heavenly. Like 2018's fantastic Le Kov, this one is sung almost entirely in Cornish -- a language spoken in and around around Cornwall, UK ("Tresor" is Cornish for "Treasure").

The first single from the album is “An Stevel Nowydh" ("The New Room"), which straddles the line between baroque psych and prog with chiming xylophones and sweeping strings. Gwenno says it's "a song about finding yourself somewhere entirely new and realising that you’re completely lost, and acknowledging that the only thing to do in an existential crisis is to don your favourite hat and dance!"

The video for “An Stevel Nowydh" is part of a longer film Gwenno made with filmmaker Clare Marie Bailey that will be released this summer. It was shot on Super-8 film and you can watch that below.

Gwenno has also announced UK dates for the spring and those are listed below, as well.


Tresor tracklist:
1. An Stevel Nowydh
2. Anima
3. Tresor
4. N.Y.C.A.W
5. Men An Toll
6. Ardamm
7. Kan Me
8. Keltek
9. Tonnow
10. Porth La

Gwenno - 2022 Tour Dates
Saturday 1st April – Cardiff – 6Music Festival
Saturday 30th April – Edinburgh – Stag & Dagger
Sunday 1st May – Glasgow – Stag & Dagger
Thursday 5th May – Wrexham – Focus Wales
Saturday 28th May – Totnes – Sea Change Festival
Friday 3rd June – Port Talbot – In It Together
Sunday 12th June – Kidlington – Kite Festival
Saturday 3rd September – Manchester – Psych Festival

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