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Toby Morse of H2O on vocals for Gorilla Biscuits (more)
Toby Morse of H2O

H20 celebrated 10 years of hardcore on Dec 30th, 2004. Five years later, the band is prepping to commemorate another landmark anniversary with a show at Gramercy Theater on 2/20/10 and a second at the Trocadero in Philly on 2/19. Tickets are on sale for the Gramercy show. Full dates are below.

The NYHC beatdown continues seven days later, when Killing Time teams up with Vision, Incendiary and Suburban Scum at Knitting Factory on 2/27. Tickets are on sale. Killing Time will be celebrating their new LP, Three Steps Back, which hits the shelves on 2/9/10. You can dig on sample tracks from the LP at their site and in a promotional video for the album below.

And finally, those in the mood for punishment on Valentine's Day (and not in an awesome, roughed up at a hardcore show way) can check out Freddy Madball the RAPPER when he opens up for the once great (Non-Phixion ruled) Ill Bill at Knitting Factory. Tickets are on sale, if you feel so inclined (I don't). Freddy Madball has a few songs streaming on his myspace, including an atrocious rap remake of "London Calling". We miss you Joe Strummer, but not this much.

H2O dates and the Killing Time video is below...

Killing Time - Three Steps Back Promo - Dead City Records

Feb 19 2010 Trocadero Philly, Pennsylvania
Feb 20 2010 Blender Gramercy Theatre(NYC) New York City, New York
Apr 23 2010 T.B.A Lisbon(Portugal)
Apr 24 2010 Groezrock Festival (Belgium) Meerhout
May 1 2010 S n S Warm Up(Germany) Leisning
May 2 2010 Dynamo(Netherlands) Eindhoven