Hagop Tchaparian went from punk musician to raver to tour manager for Four Tet and Hot Chip, to an electronic musician himself, releasing his debut album, BOLTS, this year on Four Tet's Text Records. It's an intriguing album, mixing beats and field recording and you can check it out below.

We asked Hagop to tell us about what culture he consumed this year, and he returned with a list that includes albums, TV series, books, club experiences, food and drink, and more. Check out his list below.

You can also read more about BOLTS and the influences behind it, here.


TV Show:
Really enjoying the second season of White Lotus. It has a really good cast including Will Sharpe who was also in this BBC sitcom about barristers called Defending the Guilty that I wish had more than one season :(

I love the "Tape Notes" podcast and the "Not a Diving Podcast with Scuba". I recently also went through the archive of the Kurupt FM Podkast.

Best Club Experience: Four Tet - Warung Beach Club, Brazil
Untouchable DJ, incredible crowd, amazing venue. I had goosebumps for most of it! Photo from the night:

attachment-hagop best club experience

Best Album: Daphni - "Cherry"
I also love DJ ADHDs productions - he's a genius.

Best Food: Mini Kabob in Glendale CA
The grilled chicken with the toum (garlic sauce) is amazing.

Best Drink:
It might just be me, but I have noticed a lot more places in London selling "Chai". This is one of my favourites from Chai Guys in Covent Garden, I get the spicy one.

hagop best drink

Bit of a mad one but I got really hooked on this series of books covering the life of the Roman Emperor "Vespasian" who is responsible for the Colosseum. The books are by Robert Fabbri and written to give the reader a glimpse into life back then.

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