Progressive post-hardcore band Hail The Sun have announced a new album, Divine Inner Tension, due August 11 via Equal Vision. It was produced by frequent Dance Gavin Dance collaborator Kris Crummett, and singer Donovan Melero says, "This is the first album we’ve written that didn’t come exclusively from a place of suffering or pain. Sadness, heartbreak and nihilism all inspire, but during the pandemic, there was a big shift, and this is more about retelling the story — retelling stories about everyday perceptions. Everything comes from within, so I thought that maybe I don’t have to suffer to feel inspired."

The album features recent single "Mind Rider" as well as the just-released "Chunker." Both songs find the band doing what they do best, churning out wailing, flashy prog/post-hardcore in the vein of bands like (recent tourmates) The Sound of Animals Fighting and The Fall of Troy. About "Chunker," the band says:

What we give out is what we get back. The confidence we have in our abilities to overcome and thrive is endless. Admittedly, doubt can fuel this confidence from non-believers, as trust is intimidating. It is threatening. And this can feel good. However, when spite lingers around, it only poisons the person harboring it, and we have been those people several times. Letting it go aligns with
the initial cause of putting out what we want back, to begin with. Thus we grow.

Watch the Orie McGinness-directed video for "Chunker" and revisit the "Mind Rider" video below.

We've also got an exclusive white vinyl variant, limited to just 200 copies. Pre-order yours while they last. Here's a mock-up:

Hail the Sun
Hail the Sun

Tunnel Vision Alibi
Mind Rider
60-Minute Session Blocks
The Story Writes Itself
(In My Dream)
I Saw You Hanging
Feeble Words
Little Song
Under the Floor

Hail the Sun

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