Cult DIY icon Jad Fair is back with a brand new Half Japanese album, titled Invincible and out February 22 via Fire Records. Jad was backed by John Sluggett, Gilles-Vincent Rieder, Jason Willett and Mick Hobbs for this album and the first single is “Puppet People,” which hits on familiar lyrical themes for him (fakes, mindless sheep, disillusionment) all set to lightly baroque indie rock. Watch the animated video for the single below.

Half Japanese will play NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge on April 20 and tickets are on sale now. It’s currently their only upcoming date.

Invincible tracklist:
1. Swept Away
2. Love Explosion
3. The Puppet People
4. Return Of The Vampire
5. Or Ever Will
6. No More
7. All At Once
8. The Walking Dead
9. Forever In My Heart
10. What Are You Gonna Do?
11. It’s Here
12. Invincible
13. No Wonder
14. It Has Me
15. Indestructable