He and his band ran through all of I Had a Dream That You Were Mine and also treated the crowd to a few songs from Black Hours. On the majority of the material, Leithauser would bang out chords on his 12-string acoustic or delicately pick on his nylon-string guitar for the somber ballads. But he really shined when putting them aside in order to play the role of frontman, thanks to his distinct stage presence. Squeezing the microphone like the leader of a hardcore band, head tilted facing the sky, with his other hand either flung back or punching emphatically into the air. Opener Courtney Marie Andrews came out to duet on two songs, I Had a Dream’s beautiful fever dream of a closer, “1959,” and the newly released duet with Angel Olsen, “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger).” Their voices harmonized beautifully, and it was absolutely breathtaking when she took the lead on the latter number. - [The House List]

With his Walkmen days behind him, Hamilton Leithauser’s raspy howl has mellowed pleasingly with his solo career, having released solo debut Black Hours in 2014 and I Had A Dream That You Were Mine, a collaborative album with Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij, in 2016. His fall tour brought him back to NYC on Wednesday night (11/1) at Brooklyn Steel. As the quoted review above mentions, he played all of I Had A Dream That You Were Mine and brought out opener Courtney Marie Andrews to sing on two songs during his main set. He finished his three-song encore with a cover of Palace's "Trudy Dies." Check out pictures from the night in the gallery above and Hamilton's Brooklyn Steel setlist is below.

SETLIST: Hamilton Leithauser @ Brooklyn Steel 11/1/2017 (via)
The Morning Stars
Sick as a Dog
A 1000 Times
In a Black Out
When the Truth Is...
The Bride's Dad
Wild Hunger
Proud Irene
You Ain't That Young Kid
Rough Going (I Won't Let Up)
Room For Forgiveness

I Retired
Peaceful Morning
Trudy Dies (Palace cover)


photos by Em Grey

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