Hamilton Leithauser, who just released new solo album The Loves of Your Life, did a live session for SiriusXMU and as part of it covered Lan Del Rey's "The Greatest." The song was already prescient of our COVID-19 times, with a litany of things missed, but Hamilton adds a new verse to make it very explicitly now (via Stereogum):

I guess this virus is gonna get us all
All my shows have been postponed
All my friends live on my phone
And my data plan is runnin’ low
Papa Pence says, “You’ll be all right”
But the ATM is just a little less bright
School’s out, the weeks are gone
Oh, look, kids, here comes another dawn

You can listen to Hamilton's version of "The Greatest," along with Lana's original (from last year's Norman Fucking Rockwell), below.