Former Walkman frontman Hamilton Leithauser has a new solo album on the way titled The Love of Your Life which he noted during his recent Cafe Carlyle residency features a “song about individual people. They are all real people. I know some of them and some are strangers I’ve come across in the last few years. All the stories are based on some kind of truth some more heavily than others.”

While details are still forthcoming on the album, first single “Here We Come” will be out Friday, February 7 and Hamilton has just shared an unusual teaser for it featuring actor, musician and The Hottest State author Ethan Hawke. “The song ‘Here They Come’ is about a friend who is constantly running from his problems,” says Hamilton. “I love him to death but when the going gets tough, he’ll always just cut and run. The song is about the specific moment when the lights are coming up in a movie theater where he’s been hiding all day.” In the video, Hamilton muses about how these real life people might react when hearing the song about them for the first time, so he decides to test out “Here We Come” on Hawke by playing it for him on an old cassette boombox at Cafe Carlyle. Hawke doesn’t appear to be the song’s subject but he definitely has an interesting reaction to the song. Watch that video below.

The video is titled “Episode One” so seems like more of these may be on the way.