Brooklyn bar Hank's Saloon, which also hosts shows (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion played there in 2015), will be closing at the end of 2018. The building is being taken over by a new developer, who has plans to "build big," and it's forcing Hank's out of the space. They write on Facebook:

About 13 years ago we took over a little bar called Hank’s Saloon. The previous owner was moving to Montana, and a neighbor friend asked us to run it while he figured out how to develop the property around it, all while keeping the building standing. Unfortunately this didn't work out, and the building was taken over by a new developer who had plans to build big. We knew it was only a matter of time before we got the news that we would have to close Hank’s and move along, but surprisingly enough, the new landlord/developer was kind enough to let us remain open for the community and music scene for the past five years, and keep that corner lit until he was ready to build.

Alas my friends, it seems that time has come — the developer is ready to build, plans will be filed, and Hank’s Saloon will have to close at the end of next year.
As someone who grew up around the corner on State Street many years ago, and who used to drink at the Doray Tavern herself, it deeply saddens me that one of the last NYC bars of this kind will no longer exist. These places are extremely special to New York and add genuine heart and soul to the community. The Doray Tavern in particular has earned a place in history for it’s importance within the Mohawk Indian community, once offering a hang-out for the Native American ironworkers who came during the ‘20s and ‘30s to work on our city’s bridges and skyscrapers.

The Hank’s Saloon of today is still a place to gather, to catch up, to always know that there is someone out there to talk about the old days or to wish you a happy birthday when you might not have anyone else around to do it. It is also a place where I have personally watched the music scene grow and thrive in Brooklyn. I’ve been humbled by some of the many performances I have seen here throughout the years, featuring some truly outstanding musicians.

On a last note, if anyone knows any spaces in Brooklyn and/or investors that would like to keep Hank's Saloon alive, please let me know! You can email with “Keep Hank’s Alive” in the subject line.
Thank you everyone for all your support over the years. Looking forward to a banging 2018 at Hank’s!

- Julie Ipcar

Bummer to see you go, Hank's. Meanwhile, check out Hank's Saloon's calendar for upcoming shows.

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