Hannah Jadagu has announced her debut LP Aperture, due out on May 19 via Sub Pop (pre-order). The album follows her 2021 debut EP What Is Going On? “I want my songs to be both super intimate and still universally relatable,” Hannah says. “With the EP, so many people told me that the songs resonated with them on a personal level, and that’s what I’m always hoping for.” Hannah wrote and co-produced the entire album with French musician Max Robert Baby. It was mixed by Marcus Linon and mastered by Dave Cooley. "Every track on this album, except for 'Admit It,' was written first on guitar, which is an instrumental throughline," Hannah says. "But the blanket of synths I use throughout helps me move between sensibilities. There’s rock Hannah, there’s hip-hop Hannah, and so on. I didn’t want any of the songs to sound too alike... When I recorded my EP, it was all MIDI, but in the studio Max [Robert Baby] and I worked with a ton of analog instruments. There’s some Glockenspiel on the album, calling back to my percussionist days, and some synth warping that adds texture."

Aperture features previously-released single "Say It Now," as well as new track "What You Did," which sees Hannah singing quietly over distorted guitars and steady drums. Watch the accompanying video for "What You Did," directed by Leia Jospe, and check out the artwork and tracklist for Aperture below.

Hannah Jadagu, Aperture

Aperture Tracklisting
1. Explanation
2. Say It Now
3. Six Months
4. What You Did
5. Lose
6. Admit It
7. Dreaming
8. Shut Down
9. Warning Sign
10. Scratch The Surface
11. Letter To Myself
12. Your Thoughts Are Ur Biggest Obstacle

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