sad news & a benefit tonight....

Steve Trimboli of Goodbye Blue Monday
Fuck Cancer

i decided to chronicle, in a relatively compact way, ten months of my life for a very simple reason. i’m not dead. a lot of my friends who were diagnosed with this disease were not so fortunate whether because of late discovery, denial or just plain aggressive disease. the big message for me was regardless of financial circumstance (trust me - mine is as bad as can be), moving forward against this stuff is the only way to at least have a chance against it and finding people who know about it is the best defense against it.....[Steve Trimboli]

Steve Trimboli is the owner of Brooklyn music venue Goodbye Blue Monday. Steve is sick and broke (see above). Help Steve by attending the rock show tonight (Nov 21) @ Glasslands Gallery (also in Brooklyn, but note: NOT actually @ Goodbye Blue Monday) (or just stop by the show and drop off a donation) (figure out how to get to Glasslands and Goodbye Blue Monday on the venue map).