VILLAGE VOICE | 12/21/05

"...But the leading new Jewish contender for pop's next big bang is Matisyahu, a figure attracting almost as many rude bwoys as yeshiva boychiks. His sold-out September 8 Webster Hall concert was full of surreal and evocative equations...."

* I shouldn't of procrastinated this post so long, because now the Voice's "Hanukkah Musical Time Line '05" is just about out of date.

* Ryan Schreiber at Pitchfork gains ironic cool points for dissing Matisyahu by printing something the singer of the Bravery said in that article in the Guardian.

* Matisyahu has a new video and a whole bunch of 2006 tour dates that were just announced.

* Chanukah, or Hanukkah? at NPR