Sean Tillmann, aka Har Mar Superstar, has been accused of sexual assault by several women, as detailed in a new report on the Star Tribune. Tillmann issued a statement, in which he "categorically [denies] the version of events that has been presented" in one woman's social media post, but admits to harmful behavior and apologizes to other women that stepped forward, saying, "I take these claims extremely seriously. I am deeply sorry to anyone who feels I've hurt them; what matters here is not my feelings or perspective but to take these statements seriously and respectfully. I want to provide my deepest apology and my public commitment to be accountable, to listen, and to do what I can to allow for healing and growth."

Tillmann later admits, "fueled by a toxic mixture of alcohol, drugs, and cavalier sexuality, I was harming people around me."

From the Star Tribune article:

That woman, whose name is being withheld to protect her privacy, told the Star Tribune that she was a friend who trusted Tillmann "completely" until a gathering one night at his house in Minneapolis, when she said he unbuckled his pants and stuck his penis in her face.

She said she is still haunted by certain details of that night, including the sound of his belt jangling.

Three mutual acquaintances of the woman and Tillmann told the Star Tribune that she shared her story with them soon afterward. One of them confronted Tillmann in 2019, text messages reviewed by the Star Tribune show.

Another woman who came forward was an acquaintance who was shocked when, one night at Grumpy's Bar in Minneapolis, he suddenly slid his hand down her pants, she said.

A third woman described being at a recording studio with Tillmann, who drunkenly propositioned her. She turned him down and went down to the basement bathroom. "All of a sudden, Sean comes busting in the stall," she said. "I remember him trying to kiss me and touch me."

Star Tribune also points out that radio station 89.3 the Current has stopped playing Tillmann's music, and the music venue First Avenue halted sales to an upcoming concert for his band Heart Bones, saying, "Once we became aware of the allegations, we felt it was the best decision to take the show down until there is accountability," and adding that the club "takes all accusations of harassment and assault seriously."

Read the Star Tribune's full report here.

Har Mar's full statement:

If you or someone you know is suffering from sexual violence, please contact RAINN or call the National Sexual Abuse Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

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