Northeast hardcore band Anklebiter turned a lot of heads with their great 2022 demo, and they've been talking about following it with an EP since last year. Today, that EP gets announced. It's a seven-song release called To Live and Withstand, and it drops August 4 via Sunday Drive Records. We've got an exclusive pink 7" limited to 100 copies and up for pre-order now. Here's a mock-up:


The first taste is "Pearl," which picks up right where the demo left off, channelling the short, fast, loud hardcore of early 2000s bands like Mental and Righteous Jams. The 82-second song kicks off at breakneck speed, before settling into an addictively bouncy half-time groove. It's not too different from the demo, but it feels even tighter and catchier and it's keeping us very excited about this band. Check it out below.

Anklebiter open the Gorilla Biscuits matinee in Rhode Island this weekend, alongside With Honor, Gel, and more, and they and Gel also both play the aftershow with Walter Schreifels. After that, they've got a short Midwest run with Full Stride.

Pick up our pink variant of the new Anklebiter 7" and listen to the new song here:



01. Northeast Straight Edge
02. I Am…
03. Daredevil
04. Pearl
05. Catharsis
06. Altruist
07. Lynx


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