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Trevor De Brauw of Pelican (more by Paul Birman)

"Bee Control is a hardcore trio composed of Dave Laney (Milemarker, Auxes, Challenger), Trevor de Brauw (Pelican, Tusk, Chord) and Theo Katsaounis (Joan of Arc, Locks, Hey Tonal, et al ad infinitum). The four quick blasts that comprise the tracklisting of the group's debut 7" are a distillation of the ferocity and simplicity of early 80's hardcore with the willful avantisms and lyrical nihilism that informed the mid-90's punk scene in which these musicians originally got their start." -Past/Futures Records

That new Bee Control EP will be released via Past/Futures Records in digital formats on 2/15 with the vinyl 7" following in March. The 7" was recorded and mixed by Dave Laney, is limited to a scant 300 copies, and features the track "Now You Know" which you can download for the first time in this post. You can stream it too, and check out a video, below...

Bee Control - Now You Know

Give Up Your Hold by Bee Control

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