We recently included Carolinas band Excide in a list of 10 hardcore bands we think could (or should) have a breakthrough in the wake of Turnstile's success, and now they've put out a two-song promo that has us even more excited for their debut LP, which is due this year via New Morality Zine. We previously compared Excide's mix of underground hardcore, '90s alt-rock hooks, and metallic psychedelia to both Turnstile and Higher Power, and new songs "Uncoil" and "The Portrait, Now Perceived" definitely scratch that same itch, and they never pale in comparison to the popular bands that they share musical DNA with. (The second song has a bit of a Quicksand vibe too.) These songs have sharper production than anything Excide released previously (courtesy of Wyatt Oberholzer), and Excide have really stepped it up as songwriters too; they sound heavier, catchier, and more unpredictable than ever.

"We started writing immediately following the lockdowns early into the COVID-19 pandemic, and knew not long after that we wanted to create something expansive," the band told No Echo. "There was no doubt it had to be a full-length record. And while it would be easy to write our previous releases 10+ over, it just made more sense to push the limits on the parameters we’ve existed in thus far."

Excide's full-length LP will be out later this year (details TBA), but for now, stream the two new songs (and a 196degrees remix of "The Portrait, Now Perceived") below.

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