Hardy Fox, one of the founders of enigmatic, experimental group The Residents, has died after a battle with brain cancer. He was 73. Here's the official statement from The Residents:

It is with with great sorrow and regret that The Cryptic Corporation announces the passing of longtime associate, Hardy Fox. As president of the corporation from 1982-2016, the company benefited from Hardy's instinct for leadership and direction, but his true value came from his longtime association with The Residents. As the group's producer, engineer, as well as collaborator on much of their material, Fox's influence on The Residents was indelible; despite any formal training, his musicality was nevertheless unique, highly refined and prolific. Blessed with a vital sense of aesthetics, a keen ear, and an exquisite love of the absurd, Hardy's smiling face was a constant source of joy to those around him. He will be missed.

After a series of recent health problems, Hardy succumbed to a brief illness. He is survived by his husband, Steven Kloman.

While the actual lineup of The Residents remained one of the biggest mysteries for most of the group's existence, Hardy Fox was publicly the president of their Cryptic Corporation for over 30 years, retiring in 2016 but continuing to work with them till his death. After his retirement, he identified himself on his website as a founder and primary composer with The Residents.

The Residents have made some of the weirdest music of the last 50 years and their influence on pop culture is hard to overstate. Rest in peace, Hardy. You will be missed. Watch and listen to a few Residents classics below.