2022 has seen dreampop artist Hatchie (aka Harriette Pilbeam) at her busiest, releasing her sophomore LP Giving The World Away and touring, including shows supporting Alex G. As the year winds down, Hatchie shared with us 10 (technically 11) of her favorite albums of the year, including releases by Prudence, The Smile, Charli XCX, her tourmate Alex G, and more. Read on for her list, complete with commentary.

Hatchie's Favorite Albums of 2022

I’m pretty terrible at keeping up with new releases, it often takes me 6 months to get around to listening to something even after I’ve been recommended it and seen others raving about it. I have a tendency to put all of my focus into one or two albums for a few weeks before moving on, so there’s usually a bit of back up. I realised as I started putting this list together that a lot of my top played albums this year actually came out last year, so I’m sure if I revisit this list a few months from now I’ll have new additions I’ll wish I’d included. With all of this considered, I was surprised by how quickly I thought of more than ten albums I enjoyed this year, so I chose to write about the albums I listened to the most on tour...

The Orielles - Tableau

I’ve been a fan of The Orielles for years, their shows are so fun and I’m always blown away by their writing. I feel like they really leveled up with this album, it’s such a mature, experimental blend of sounds. It’s thought-provoking and calming.

Caroline Loveglow - Strawberry

I was lucky enough to tour the USA earlier this year with Caroline opening the show each night. She’s pinpointed the exact type of dreampop I wish there was more of.

The Smile - A Light For Attracting Attention

I’m a long time Radiohead fan so I feel like there’s no explanation necessary for this choice, I’ll listen to anything these three do.

Alvvays - Blue Rev

I knew I would like this album but was pleased to find I enjoyed it more than their last album Antisocialites, it feels more thorough and emotional. "Easy On Your Own?" was my immediate favourite but it changes as time goes on.

Melody’s Echo Chamber - Emotional Eternal + Unfold

Melody is severely underrated in my opinion. I’m kind of cheating with this one but both the albums she put out this year are perfect in my eyes, I couldn’t choose!

Prudence - Negatives

This album came at the perfect time for me. I was feeling lost and lonely on tour with no end in sight and it was really comforting, fresh and hypnotising.

Acopia - Chances

Another artist who should be much bigger than they are... I listened to this album on repeat all year, especially "Anything You Want" and "Chances."

Charli XCX - CRASH (Deluxe)

I love and trust the process of all of Charli’s releases, but like many others I was nervous for this one to come out based on the singles. I was into the initial album release but the deluxe tracks really bumped it up for me and it ended up being one of my top played albums. Shout out to "Twice," "Every Rule," "How Can I Not Know What I Need Right Now," and "Selfish Girl" especially.

Popstrangers - In Spirit

I was a big fan of Popstrangers’ first two albums so I had been anticipating this one for a few years, and it didn’t disappoint. I love how they shift their sound with each album without forfeiting what made the previous one so engaging and raw.

Alex G - God Save The Animals

I was already a fan of this album when I first listened, but touring with Alex G this fall cemented the tracks as some of my favourites of his. Nothing ever sounds out of place on an Alex G album.

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