Connecticut metalcore veterans Hatebreed returned in 2020 with their eighth album, Weight Of The False Self, released just a few weeks ago on Nuclear Blast (order yours). It finds them sticking to the tried-and-true formula that they helped pioneer over two decades ago, and delivering positive, uplifting messages in the process. If you haven't heard it yet, you can give it a spin below.

We recently caught up with Hatebreed bassist Chris Beattie, and he made us a list of the six most underrated hardcore bands of all time and why. Here's what he had to say:

Cold As Life

Cold As Life’s music is just raw and completely pissed. They’ve had several lineup changes over the years and may not be as active as they once were, but their harsh environment comes thru in their music and needs to be acknowledged.

Cruel Hand

These guys have been at it for a while now and keep getting better. I think they’re one of the best hardcore bands out there. I love the aggressive riffing and look forward to their new release in January on Static Era Records.


I don’t think these guys played many shows and they haven’t been a band for a while... but their music is brutal. Every hardcore kid needs to know about them.

Vision of Disorder

V.O.D. were doing great things in the '90s and they were doing the screaming/singing style before anyone else. Their Long Island shows were legendary.


These legends from Cleveland, Ohio never disappoint.They have been consistently shredding people’s faces off for decades and they show absolutely no signs of stopping.


These guys have been pioneers and innovators from the get-go. They are always outdoing themselves and they have been bringing their own unique sound to the hardcore scene for years now. They are amazing musicians and their originality should be recognized.


In related news, A389 Recordings is back and they're putting out Cold As Life reissues in 2021.

Stream Hatebreed's new album:


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