Seattle's Haunted Horses are gearing up to release their new LP The Worst Has Finally Happened on July 29 via Three One G (pre-order). For this album, the band expanded from a duo to a trio, welcoming bassist Brian McClelland (of Filth is Eternal and He Whose Ox is Gored), and the first taste of the new album is "Pig," a caustic punk/goth/industrial fusion that would fit in nicely next to anything from '80s Swans to latter-day Daughters. It's a punishing, thunderous track that really offers up a fresh take on this sound, and it comes with a well-matched video made by Andy Wallis (Displaced/Replaced). Here's what band member Colin Dawson tells us about it:

Director and Producer Andy Wallis brings the grotesque to life with 10kg of clay. We watch the body form, contort and writhe in an attempt to survive. Its rapid movement does nothing to help break free of the room, only allowing the malleable onlooker to mutate. The Worst wears many faces.

The song was written completely digitally and manifested its existence through an onslaught of synthesizers, keys and recycled samples, this track was the first in a new writing format for the band. Drums and bass were later added to complete the utter nastiness that is "Pig."

House of the World to Come
The Garden
Window Sung
The Worst
Golden Stairs
Cold Machine
Severed Circle

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