Paramore's Hayley Williams has a new song, "My Limb," which has been released in the normal way: by hand-delivering a CD-R of it to a fan, and then letting that fan upload it to YouTube. As seen on Hayley's Instagram stories, in celebration of Thursday night's Wolf Moon, Haley went out with her dog (both were wearing capes for the occasion) and dropped a sanctuary candle and the CD-R through the fan's mail-slot -- they both live in Nashville -- and then hightailed it home.

Carly then uploaded a snippet of the song, and now the whole song is up on YouTube with Hayley's blessing. You can listen below.

Hayley's Petals for Armor made our Best Albums of 2020 list, so let's hope this is from a new album that will be out sooner than later. Also last year: Hayley released an acoustic EP, and covered Massive Attack/Elizabeth Fraser's "Teardrop" on the Ally Coalition Talent Show, among other things.

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