How to With John Wilson, one of 2020's best new television series, has announced its Season 2 premiere date, Friday, November 26 at 10 PM on HBO. Like the first season, there will be six new episodes of the unusual documentary series. Sadly that is the only information HBO and John have shared so far, but we hope there is an update to the events and people of of S1 finale, "How to Cook the Perfect Risotto."

If you haven't welcomed John Wilson into your life, each episode offers a "how to" -- first season episodes include "How To Put Up Scaffolding," "How To Make Small Talk," and "How To Improve Your Memory" -- with John narrating as the episodes' themes spin off in unexpected directions. ("How to Cover Your Furniture" spins off in very unexpected directions.) The magic, though, is in the editing, using seemingly random footage to underline John's narration, or to make a great visual joke -- this is a show that really benefits from you full attention. It's smart, funny, thoughtful and features the best episode of TV about the pandemic to date. There's no other show like it.

How to With John Wilson is so visually dense with blink-and-you'll miss it moments, in the gentlest way possible, making the series is great on rewatch, too. You can stream the first season on HBO Max now, and if you need more, you John's early shorts (including one about David Byrne's Contemporary Color concerts) are all on his Vimeo channel.

You can watch the How to With John Wilson S1 trailer, and listen to John's recent appearance on the Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend podcast, below.

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