Los Espookys, the hilarious, surreal and bilingual series created by Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, and Fred Armisen, is finally back with a second season after an extended pandemic delay. (The first season aired three years ago.) Season 2 premieres on Friday, September 16 at 11 PM ET/PT on HBO and HBO Max, with new episodes following every Friday night. They've just shared the S2 teaser trailer, and you can watch that below.

If you missed the first season here's a bit of what we wrote back in 2019:

Co-created by Fred Armisen, Julio Torres and Ana Fabrega, the series is about a group of goth-leaning 20-somethings in an unnamed, somewhat surreal Latin American city who turn their love of horror into a business. As others have said, it's kind of Scooby-Doo in reverse, with the Los Espookys team helping out whenever a scare is needed, be it a fake exorcism for the local priest, a real estate scare scam, or a seaside town in need of a sea monster....The show is mostly in Spanish with English subtitles but plays fair by having what English is spoken subtitled in Spanish. While subtitles sometimes feel like work, here they're part of the fun, with jokes are weaved into them frequently.

As for what to expect in the new season:

Season two finds our charismatic LOS ESPOOKYS leader and gore enthusiast, Renaldo (Bernardo Velasco), haunted by the ghost of a beauty pageant queen, while Úrsula (Cassandra Ciangherotti), enlists an old acquaintance to challenge the political status quo. Úrsula’s well-meaning sister, Tati (Ana Fabrega), is adjusting to her life as a newlywed, while balancing a new gig, and Renaldo’s ominous best friend, Andrés (Julio Torres), tries to find his place in the world after appeasing his inner demons (literally). Meanwhile, Uncle Tico (Fred Armisen) is searching for a new purpose after his valet career is derailed.

Or, as the trailer says, "More fantastic. More mysterious. More Espookier than before." Kim Petras, Isabella Rossellini and Yalitza Aparicio have guest appearances in S2 as well.

Watch the Los Espookys Season 2 teaser, and check out a few new photos, below.

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