19-year-old Bay Area artist and songwriter Morgan Reese has announced her debut EP, Letters From The Invisible Girl!, due out March 4 via EMPIRE! “I wrote all of these songs alone in my dorm room during my freshman year of college," she says, "and I feel like they give a unique firsthand perspective on things people my age may be feeling or going through. This EP truly feels like a collection of letters telling my story. Each song on Letters From The Invisible Girl! was hand written in my journal and has special place in my heart. I hope everyone who listens can connect with it in some way."

We have the premiere of the latest single from the EP, "butterflies," which you can hear below. It's an atmospheric dream pop track, and about it, Reese says, "'Butterflies' is a dreamy, alternative record about not being able to control the way someone makes you feel. The trilling ukuleles are able to sonically emulate that feeling of 'butterflies' you get when you really like someone. The pulsing kick drum represents a loud heartbeat, which is something else you might experience when you’re nervous, or experiencing butterfly-like anomalies. I wrote this song from a place of vulnerability after being hurt several times, and thinking I could never like someone like that again. I also feel like most songs about butterflies focus on the positive side of romance, so I thought I’d write about how it feels when you don’t even want the butterflies to begin with."

Morgan Reese - Letters From the Invisible Girl

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