So Many Singing, Vol. 2 is the second installment in Ruination Record Co's compilation series in support of immigrant rights. All proceeds go to the International Refugee Assistance Project, "a New York City based non-profit that mobilizes legal aid and systemic policy advocacy to serve refugees and other displaced persons across the world," and contributing artists include Annie Hart, Matt Kivel, Brigid Mae Power, Friendship, Katie Von Schleicher, Renata Zieguer, Bill MacKay, Mary Lattimore, Office Culture, Garcia Peoples, Lala Lala, Hovvdy, Barrie, Johanna Samuels, Spirit Was (mem LVL UP), Ben Brock Wilkes, Odetta Hartman, and more.

The Katie Von Schleicher, Lala Lala, and Barrie songs were recently released, and we're now premiering the Odetta Hartman song, which is a very appropriate song for the premise of this compilation. It's a live recording of "Old Man Trump / Will The Circle Be Unbroken," and it sees Odetta riffing on Woody Guthrie's "Old Man Trump" (written about Donald Trump's father, Fred Trump) and incorporating it into Woody Guthrie's "I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore," and then turning it into a medley with the Christian hymn "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?". The medley finds Odetta doing a fine job of executing the long tradition of turning standards into your own, and also of making very old songs sound very relevant in present-day. Listen below.

There will also be release shows for the compilation in NYC and Chicago. The NYC show happens December 8 at Baby's All Right with V.V. Lightbody, Ben Seretan, Alena Spanger (Tiny Hazard), Onlyness, Wishwish, and Zooey Celeste. There's a suggested donation at the door, and proceeds will go to Make The Road New York, "an organization focused on policy innovation, education, and survival services for the Latino and working class communities across New York City."

The Chicago show happens December 13 at The Hideout with Liam Kazar, Minor Moon, and Adeline Hotel. Tickets are $8 at the door, and proceeds will go to Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, "who are focused on promoting the rights of immigrants and refugees to full and equal participation in the civic, cultural, social, and political life."

Poster for both release shows, full 50-song tracklist for the compilation, and streams of the new Odetta Hartman song and the three previously released songs, below.

So Many Singing shows

1. Ben Seretan - "New Lease On / Butt Rock"
2. Onlyness - "Big TV"
3. Christelle Bofale - "Carousel (Demo)"
4. Spirit Was - "Heaven's Just A Cloud (4-Track Demo)"
5. WishWish - "Motion Standing"
6. Matt Kivel - "Things To Come"
7. Annie Hart - "Phoenicia No Coffee"
8. Michael Cormier - "dinners (bleary eyed version)"
9. Brigid Mae Power - "Sometimes"
10. V.V. Lightbody - "Car Alarm (Demo)"
11. Eamon Fogarty - "A Banquet & A Welcome"
12. Alena Spanger - "Madrugada (Demo)"
13. Zooey Celeste - "Sunshine"
14. Friendship - "You Home Yet?"
15. Katie Von Schleicher - "Sacred Bond"
16. Andy Molholt - "Sitting Kills (Demo)"
17. Renata Zeiguer - "Wayside"
18. Scree - "Weather Theater"
19. Adeline Hotel - "Relief"
20. Bill MacKay - "Film Music #2 (Demo)"
21. Gabriel Birnbaum - "Quit Your Job (Demo)"
22. Mary Lattimore - "Dawson's Sadness"
23. Field Guides - "Condensate / The Petrichor Near Landwehr Canal (Demo)"
24. Office Culture - "Little Reminders"
25. Toebow - "Toebow Theme"
26. Caitlin Pasko - "The Still (Demo)"
27. Pat Kelly - "Moon Blooze"
28. Dylan Golden Aycock - "MD_6 > 2012"
29. Blue Ranger - "Surf Beauregard"
30. Garcia Peoples - "Rolling Tides (Live)"
31. witchduck - "mothertongue"
32. Lala Lala - "Spy"
33. Moon Mullins - "Crusin' In"
34. Ben Brock Wilkes - "Molly"
35. Scott Hirsch - "Spirits (Demo)"
36. Minor Moon - "Mars, Baby (Demo)"
37. C.F. Watkins - "17 (Demo)"
38. Sam Moss - "Slow (Demo)"
39. Liam Kazar - "Nothin To You (Acoustic)"
40. Half Gringa - "Beauty Of The County"
41. Hovvdy - "Tub (Demo)"
42. Barrie - "Ghost World"
43. Ian Wayne - "Ash On Me (Demo)"
44. Ben Special - "b+"
45. June Gloom - "Windy Hill"
46. Sun June - "Backseat (Demo)"
47. Johanna Samuels - "Breaking Up With You"
48. Nico Hedley - "Hydrangeas"
49. Quarterly - "Sueno Americano"
50. Odetta Hartman - "Old Man Trump / Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Live)"

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