You can't say Shin Guard didn't warn us. The makers of two of 2019's best screamo records (2020 and the Death of Spring split with For Your Health) have been talking up their third album, and as promised, they debuted new music on Summit Shack's Minechella livestream on Friday, 4/17 (which raised money for the bands involved and COVID-19 relief). And the new stuff is very much not screamo. It's like death-y mathcore and way heavier than anything Shin Guard put out last year, with tech-y freakouts and breakdowns and gnarly growls, but there's also a few atmospheric clean-vocal parts that push Shin Guard's sound in the opposite direction. Whatever subgenre you wanna call it, it's totally intense, and you can hear it below.

Shin Guard's five-song portion of Minechella around the 6-hour, three-minute mark of this video:

And continues at the beginning of this video:

UPDATE: Shin Guard will post an HD version of the presentation once they reach 50 patrons on Patreon, starting at $1 a month:

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