Back in 2015, '90s-era alt-rock vets Smoking Popes reunited with original drummer Mike Felumlee, and the following year, the band released a two-song single, which was their first new music with their original lineup since 1998. Now, the original lineup is set to release a new full-length album. "All the drummers we've played with are wonderful, but playing with Mike again brought back a magic that can't be explained. We are so proud of this new record and can't wait to share it with you," said frontman Josh Caterer.

The album is called Into The Agony and it comes out October 12 via Asian Man (pre-order). It includes the two songs from that 2016 single, plus new single "Amanda My Love," which premieres in this post. "Amanda My Love" sounds like classic Smoking Popes, and it's keeping our hopes high for this comeback album. Josh's crooning vocals sound as warm and sweet as ever, and the band's punky alt-rock drive is in fine form. They also throw in a shredding guitar solo at the end for good measure. It's great stuff, as you can hear for yourself below.

Smoking Popes have a few Midwest dates with the Descendents this weekend, and other shows coming up this fall. All dates are listed below.

side A
1 - Simmer Down
2 - I Can Feel You
3 - Amanda My Love
4 - When You Want Something
5 - Get Happy

side B
1 - No Tomorrow Tonight
2 - Little Lump Of Coal
3 - Wish I Didn't Love You
4 - Melting America
5 - Someday I'll Smile Again

Smoking Popes -- 2018 Tour Dates
24 @ Bogarts- Cincinnati w descendents
25 @ 350 Fest- Tinley Park w descendents
26 @ Egyptian room - Indianapolis w descendents
29 @ Redstone room - davenport, ia
30 @ lookout lounge - Omaha
1 @ marquis theatre - Denver
2 @ riot room - Kansas city

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