Thom Yorke's soundtrack album for the Suspiria remake comes out this Friday (10/26) via XL, and as you probably know by now, it mixes "score"-type tracks with more traditional "song"-type tracks, and he just shared another "song" one, "Unmade." It's a haunting, ethereal piano ballad and it sounds gorgeous. Listen below.

Thom also gave an interview with Spanish website El Mundo that Pitchfork translated where he talked about his upcoming proper solo album. Here's an excerpt:

It’s very electronic, but it’s different from what I’ve done until now. The method has been the opposite of depending upon the computer. It’s a strange process in which we construct a song in the studio, break it apart, we reconstruct it with a live mix and it turns out completely differently, and that’s when we record. We have improvised many sounds and effects. It has been a very strange way of making a record, which is very exciting.

Stay tuned for more on that.

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