Har Mar Superstar and Sabrina Ellis will release Hot Dish, their debut album as Heart Bones, in February and they've just released a new single from it. "I had the idea for 'Don't Read the Comments' kicking around in my head a few years ago," says Sean Tillman (aka Har Mar). "There was something missing that I couldn't quite put my finger on. The song comes from a place of rebuilding and maintaining self-worth in an age that doesn't exactly support that process. It sat on the sidelines until Sabrina heard the demo and asked if we could make it a Heart Bones song. I was elated. Their voice was perfect for the lead and elevated the lyrics to a place that felt like they had always lived there." The song also has the line "Don't put baby in the corner" which, as you may know, paraphrases one of Dirty Dancing's most quotable lines, and that movie was the theme of Sean and Sabrina's first tour. It was all meant to be -- listen below.

Heart Bones will be on tour starting Valentine's Day and they'll hit Brooklyn on March 4 at Knitting Factory (tickets).

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