Heather Woods Broderick has announced a new album, Labyrinth, due April 7 via Western Vinyl (pre-order). The album was co-produced by D. James Goodwin, who also sings alongside Lisa Hannigan on the recently-released lead single "Blood Run Through Me." Along with the album announcement comes second single "Crashing Against the Sun," an art pop song that shows off a much more anthemic side of Heather Woods Broderick than you may be used to hearing. She says:

"Crashing Against The Sun" is about coming to terms with the realities of today, and moving through the present with a presence of mind and recognition of all the possibilities the future holds. It’s about what we cling to as reassurance or validation in our world, and how these things are often fleeting. The song illustrates a curiosity as to how those same sentiments can also have dual existence and present positivity. The subtleties of existence are full of variability. Our experience can often feel redundant, but uniqueness lies in the details. Essentially, time flies, enjoy the ride.

Listen and watch the Jeremy Johnstone-directed video below.

Heather Woods Broderick

1. As I Left
2. I Want To Go
3. Admiration
4. Crashing Against The Sun
5. Wandering
6. Wherever I Go
7. Tiny Receptors
8. Blood Run Through Me
9. Seemed A River
10. What Does Love Care

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