San Jose mathcore maniacs Heavy Heavy Low Low were supposed to reunite in 2020 until the pandemic got in the way (they did release two and a half hours of old tour footage on New Year's Eve though), and while HHLL still plan on playing shows when that's allowed, members ended up forming a new band during the pandemic, Bone Cutter. The lineup features founding members Robbie Smith (vocals), Andrew Fritter (bass), and Chris Fritter (drums), as well as Sam Pura, who worked with HHLL as a producer before joining as their guitarist in 2010 (and who has also worked with Hundredth, Basement, The Story So Far, and more). Their debut self-titled EP arrives April 23 via Twelve Gauge (pre-orders will launch at a later date).

We're premiering first single "Sea of Broken Needs" and its video, and if you like classic HHLL, you should definitely not sleep on this. It's just as chaotic as the members' other band but even heavier, inspired by horror flicks and maybe all the death metal that Robbie says he's been listening to. Of the video, the band tells us, "Being an avid fan of slashers and horror alike, I wanted to create a video that made the audience feel like they’re being pursued by a killer, keeping most of the video in their POV. For the killer’s costume I went for a neo-giallo vibe, updating the classic black leather gloves and straight razor to red leather gloves and a burly hammer. I made it for $20 and a couple favors. Long live Fulci."

In a recent interview with Trout Fishing In Music, Robbie expanded a bit on the plans for Bone Cutter, HHLL, and the HHLL-related Downstaiirs:

Focusing on everything! It’s all flowing in some type of way. Downstaaiirs was planning on creating new music before the pandemic.. We’re trying to be safe and considerate, but we are definitely going to create more of that protect.

I’m not sure that we’re going to make more HHLL. It’s always a possibility and I think that playing live shows could definitely fuel that.

Bone Cutter is a project geared toward broad swings in genre/style/yada yada.. We’re about to put out an EP, but we’re already working on another record that is nothing like what we’re about to release.

Stay tuned for more and check out the new song/video below.

1. My Dead Wife Is A Cat (Meow)
2. How to Force Feed Your Children and Friends All of Your Failed Ideas in 10 Decayed Steps
3. Peckinpah Leather Crackle
4. Sea of Broken Needs


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